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Jordan Carver Video – Red Lingerie

We told you guys to stay tuned for some of Jordan Carver updates as she’d have something special. Today is the day that she delivers her little treat to you, and as it happened thus far, you get front row seats to the show. The treat itself is a nice and fresh video that you will get to enjoy, and you simply can’t miss this one guys. She got herself a brand new sexy and hot lingerie outfit and she was very much in the mood to show it off to you in this fine video and photo shoot today. Oh yes, there are some photos of this as well so don’t miss those either everyone. So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

You get to see miss Carver as she makes her appearance wearing only the said lingerie outfit, and you can watch her doing her thing as she poses around sensually. And she starts to tease you by unfastening her sting that holds up her sexy little panties. Then she takes her spot on a red chair as she strikes some more sensual and sexy poses for you. Watch her as she shows off her big bust for you once more and enjoy the great view everyone. Be sure to not miss the next updates as well, as more treats are heading your way. See you guys then, and have fun with this video! If you liked this beauty click here and enjoy watching other sexy models posing naked in front of the camera!

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